Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Have A Cold

So, I've just been sitting in my room, hanging out and stuff. Watched "Home Alone 2" on Netflix last night and might watch another movie on there today. Since last night, I've had my Hayley Westenra playlist on youtube playing, she's my very favorite female singer, y'all should check her out sometime, she's amazingly talented.
Oh, something fun: Chris now has "Words With Friends" on his iPod touch so he and I are playing that.
I'll share some of my favorite Hayley songs with you:



These are just a few.
Grace be with you.


 "Why does a living man complain?" 
Lamentations 3:39

You have no reason to complain, as long as you are
out of hell. Do you murmur, because you are under pain
and sickness? Nay, bless God, you are not there where
the worm never dies! Do you grudge, that you are not in
so good a condition in the world as some of your neighbors are? Be thankful, rather, that you are not in the condition of the damned! Is your money gone from you? Thank God that the fire of His wrath has not consumed you! Kiss the rod, O sinner! and acknowledge mercy!
~Thomas Boston~ 
Grace be with you.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Am Loved

My Heavenly Father loves me (for reasons unknown to all, especially me). My family and friends love me.

My Mommy was talking to my Memaw on the phone and she said that Grandpa had walked in the house and said that he just kept thinking about me and wishing he could take this from me and go through it so that I wouldn't have to.
I know some of my family feel that way about me, and it really means a lot to me. Yet, for some reason, Grandpa saying this was something so special. I guess it's one of those things where, you know with all your heart that they feel that way but they don't have to say it so you never really expect them to: but he said it, and it really touched me.
This is something, though, that I would never wish upon anyone. I always say that I'm glad none of my peeps have to go through it.

I'm being covered in prayer and love.
I am loved. I am blessed.
God loves and blesses me far beyond what I deserve.
He is Almighty, Gracious, Merciful, Holy, Creator of the whole universe and all that lies therein, the One to be feared and reverenced....yet, He loves little me. He's in control of my life, I know He has a plan and I take great comfort in that.

Grace be with you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

In God's Hands

I'm in God's hands:
About 2 months ago, I noticed a bump on the side of my face, right in front of my ear. We went to the Dr. and she gave me an antibiotic to try to get rid of it. That didn't work so we went to an Ear, Nose, & Throat Dr. and he had me get a cat-scan.
It is a tumor. We are unsure if it is malignant or benign, but I will have to have surgery next month to get it removed. I'm a little nervous about it because it's right on an important gland (can't remember what it's called exactly) and other nerves that make everything on our face move.
My Dr. said the surgery will take at least 3 hours. Already, I just know that Jesus will be there with me, as He is with me always.
There is so much comfort in knowing that loved ones are praying for me. It's one of the very greatest things on earth, I am so thankful for that. How people are able to go through things with no prayer or trust in God, is beyond me. I can't imagine having to go through life without my Heavenly Father with me always.
My family and friends' love, prayers, and support mean the world to me. My Great Uncle sent me a card saying that a candle has been lit for me at a Church for 30 days. Plus, Daddy told us that my Great Uncle had a Mass said for me tonight (honestly, I'm not up on Catholicism, so I don't know if I said that the right way, but I assume you know what I mean anyway). We may not share all the same beliefs, but still, I am very touched by that and it means a lot to me.
Though I am kind of worried about the surgery, I just keep thinking of what so many young children are going through with leukemia and things like that, and my heart hurts for them. What I'm about to go through is minor compared to what they're going through. I can't stand to see anybody hurting, but especially a loved one or a child.

Once again, God has blessed us with a gorgeous day, sometimes I feel that these days are a promise and a reminder of His love. The lovely breezes, the sun hiding behind the clouds and then coming out every now and again to shed some light. Today the breeze is almost chilly, I love it. Just sitting up here in my room, on the floor, with all three of my windows and blinds open, listening to Barlow Girl again-it's wonderful.
On Mommy's and my way home today, I saw 3 more clouds that looked like dragons breathing fire-this is very interesting. 2 of them looked like they were fighting; I pointed them out to Mommy so she saw them too.

After several hours of not being able to finish my post, I will now finish it at around 2:0o-ish in the morning (just about bedtime around here).

I am now listening to Celtic Thunder's album, "Heritage." My iPod is on shuffle, and, "The Dutchman" just started-this makes me happy.

Grace be with you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

"For The Beauty of The Earth"

There are two reasons for the title of this post:
1. I'm listening to the lovely hymn by Barlow Girl.
2. It is truly how I feel right now.
God has blessed us with an absolutely beautiful day. We have the windows open and there is an exceptional lovely breeze blowing through this house! God is so good!
The sky is beautiful with white fluff here and there and everything is so gorgeous and green! Oh my Kentucky! Though I've said I would love to move to England someday, at the same time, I just love Kentucky! Everything about it is beautiful: to me, I don't think any States are as beautiful as this one. My Mommy, who has been to a couple more States than I, has always said Kentucky is the most beautiful, I can't help but believe this is true. However, I will, of course, go wherever my Lord leads me.
Right now, I'm sitting in the kitchen listening to Barlow Girl (which is something that is interesting) and making supper for my little family which is: pork steaks, peas & carrots, stuffing, and salad. (I always have to take some frozen peas out of the package and eat them just as they are!).
Wow, I honestly cannot tell you how lovely this breeze is!
I have a friend who is in NYC right now and I told him that I'm not sure I'd ever want to go there. I used to kind of dream about going there just for a visit but, it's days like these that make me think, "How could anyone rather be in the city than the country?" We aren't totally in the country but, as close as we can be for right now, I guess (we live in a subdivision). I'm really just a country girl at heart.
There's only one reason I would want to go to NYC: on September 15th, my favorite singer, Andrea Bocelli, will be performing there, in Central Park. But, oh well, perhaps someday I will see him perform, Lord willing.
Funny: I see a cloud that looks like a dragon breathing fire, that's the third cloud I've seen over a few days that looks like a dragon, cool.
Another thing about Kentucky is that so often the sky seems like it's just right there, like you could reach up and touch it-lovely.
It appears supper is ready. It's slightly possible you will hear from me again tonight, but we'll see.

Grace be with you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Blessed Day Spent With My Brothers

This last Sabbath, God blessed my brothers and me with another day to spend together.
Tommy came and picked up Chris and me and we took a nice long drive. He showed us the different places he has to go for work sometimes and it was just a really nice drive. He'd turn on some country music and start singing to it in a funny voice (as he always does with us), he also went through the radio stations to find the one that plays German music on Sunday afternoons, because Chris greatly dislikes it, lol.
A funny part of the day was when the sole of Chris' shoe came off and Tommy later told Mommy how Chris "lost his soul." My brothers are hilarious.
On our way back to his place, we stopped at a little store and the two of them went in and got some Smirnoff's stuff and, even though I said I didn't want anything, Tommy just had to get me something anyway, it wasn't bad. He rented a couple movies from a Redbox and then we got to his place and he ordered a couple pizzas, Chris and I helped him clean up his apartment a little bit and then, when the delivery dude came, we ate and watched, "The Voyage of The Dawn Treader" and then, "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows." Harry was good, but the boys were greatly disappointed in Narnia, and so was I because they expressed their disappointment throughout the whole movie, lol. I mean, I've never read the books, but the boys told me about them and, it really is ridiculous how many things were added to the movie and how many things didn't happen at the right time and stuff. I hate when movies based on books are so far off the story, it really is annoying.
Anyway, we just had a really nice day together and it was such a blessing to be able to do that. God is so good! I am so thankful that He blessed my family with such closeness, it's wonderful. My family are literally my best friends and I cherish every minute God blesses me with them.

My favorite quote of the day with my brothers would probably be:
[as we are driving by a lake]
Tommy: "Fun fact: a man drowned in that lake."
Yep, that's our Tommy!

Hope everyone is having a blessed day!
Grace be with you.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


"Increase My Faith"
Father, You are almighty, good, and holy
No matter what happens; on You I stand solely
You are loving, kind, in control of all things
Guard me, protect me, under the shadow of your wings
In this time of uncertainty, I try not to worry
Yet these thoughts fill my mind: rid me of them in a hurry
I know I can trust You, no matter what comes
Increase my faith in You; make me strong
All things I can do, through You who gives me strength
You are in control, Lord, increase my faith
I've nothing to fear
You are with me here
Please help me to, that, remember
Lord, when doubts arise, from them, me, deliver
Keep my eyes on the cross
Help me count all as loss
You are the only reason to live
Nothing counts, that this world can give
Father, keep my eyes fixed on Your beautiful face
Jesus Christ, I plead: please increase my faith

~Katie Bekah

Grace be with you.