Manchester United Fan

Back in '07, one night Chris (my older brother) and I were trying to find something to watch on television so we were just flippin' through the channels and landed on Fox Soccer Channel and there was a game on. I think that game was Reading v. some other team that I don't remember. Because we were getting ready for bed, we couldn't watch the end so didn't know who won. The next day, Chris looked online to see the results and I believe it was a nil-nil draw, but I could be wrong.
Anyways, that got us interested in watching it.
We would then watch games on occasion and for some reason, always went with the red teams and since United are red, we went for them, I don't quite know how they got to be our favorite club (when we started liking them, we didn't know they were like the best club in the world, so that's not the reason we're fans of them) but they are. That's the story.

We are also fans of Serie A and La Liga.
He likes AC Milan and I like Inter Milan.
We both like Real Madrid.