Thursday, June 23, 2011

"For The Beauty of The Earth"

There are two reasons for the title of this post:
1. I'm listening to the lovely hymn by Barlow Girl.
2. It is truly how I feel right now.
God has blessed us with an absolutely beautiful day. We have the windows open and there is an exceptional lovely breeze blowing through this house! God is so good!
The sky is beautiful with white fluff here and there and everything is so gorgeous and green! Oh my Kentucky! Though I've said I would love to move to England someday, at the same time, I just love Kentucky! Everything about it is beautiful: to me, I don't think any States are as beautiful as this one. My Mommy, who has been to a couple more States than I, has always said Kentucky is the most beautiful, I can't help but believe this is true. However, I will, of course, go wherever my Lord leads me.
Right now, I'm sitting in the kitchen listening to Barlow Girl (which is something that is interesting) and making supper for my little family which is: pork steaks, peas & carrots, stuffing, and salad. (I always have to take some frozen peas out of the package and eat them just as they are!).
Wow, I honestly cannot tell you how lovely this breeze is!
I have a friend who is in NYC right now and I told him that I'm not sure I'd ever want to go there. I used to kind of dream about going there just for a visit but, it's days like these that make me think, "How could anyone rather be in the city than the country?" We aren't totally in the country but, as close as we can be for right now, I guess (we live in a subdivision). I'm really just a country girl at heart.
There's only one reason I would want to go to NYC: on September 15th, my favorite singer, Andrea Bocelli, will be performing there, in Central Park. But, oh well, perhaps someday I will see him perform, Lord willing.
Funny: I see a cloud that looks like a dragon breathing fire, that's the third cloud I've seen over a few days that looks like a dragon, cool.
Another thing about Kentucky is that so often the sky seems like it's just right there, like you could reach up and touch it-lovely.
It appears supper is ready. It's slightly possible you will hear from me again tonight, but we'll see.

Grace be with you.

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