Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Continuing on with my animal rant, I give you:
Pet Cancer Awareness Month
Did you know there was an entire month devoted to pet cancer? I didn't.
While every kind of cancer is a scary thing, and I'm sure it's sad to see an animal with it, I'm sorry, that's too far. I mean, yes, there is a Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but when is Leukemia Awareness Month? Child Cancer? Lymphoma? Brain? And, if any of those exist, I would like to know, considering I have never once heard of them.
Mommy saw an advertisement in a coupon add the other day saying where you can donate to find a cure for pet cancer. You know what's sad? Knowing the way America is today, I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if there was a cure found for pet cancer way sooner than for any kind of cancer a HUMAN BEING has, because pets and animals are that much more important in so many peoples' eyes than humans.
Being one who has battled cancer, gone through treatments, suffered the effects of those treatments, having a fear in the back of my mind that it will one day return, I now understand it. I understand and have felt what others have gone through, are going through, and will continue to go through. It is a scary, dreadful I would not wish upon my worst enemy. I've always had a sympathy for people with cancer, but now that I know what it's like, it means so much more to me. I long to see a cure for it someday.
The loss of a human life from cancer is greater than the loss of an animal. I know to animal lovers or people with pets, that sounds harsh, but it is the truth. You may love your pet, but a pet can be replaced. Once you've lost someone dear to you, that person can never be replaced. Which would you rather lose?
Please, consider those who are suffering and donate to foundations that help PEOPLE with cancer, foundations that are searching and searching for a cure.
It is sad to see an animal suffer, but it is worse to see a human suffer. Put yourself in that person's shoes. If you had cancer, would you not want a cure? Would you not be offended at the fact that more people would donate to find a cure for pet cancer than they would for the type of cancer you have? Please, don't ignore this disease. Until you go through it (and I hope and pray you won't), you have no idea.

Donate here.
Please, consider putting people above animals for a change. I'm not asking for me, but for all cancer patients and their families who long to see this disease cured, people who long to be made well celebrate more Birthdays.

I am not asking or suggesting you ignore pet cancer, but just get your priorities straight and have a heart for suffering human beings. Wouldn't you long for a cure?

Grace be with you.