Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Facebook Fun

One has a lot of time on their hands when they're sick and can't do anything so I thought I might as well write another blog post today and tell you what I do when I'm sick, not that you're interested, I just felt like writing another blog post and this is what came to mind.
My poor Facebook friends have to put up with all my strange updates, for example, last night I couldn't sleep and so here's one thing I said:
" Blahblahbadeeblahblahblob 8)" and the others were just about how I couldn't sleep.
The other day I said this:
" ORANGE JUICE!!!! :-D It's so....orange-y-ish.....in color - the taste is more like bacon. HAHA, JK, peeps, come on! I can't believe you actually believed me, oh gosh."
So yeah, I just say weird things like that. Last year I had a cold earlier in the year that lasted for over 3 weeks and I had posted some really weird things then too, but I can't remember them, I just know some of them were about apples. People don't seem to mind, then again, maybe they're just too nice to say anything, however, I do know some people like my strange updates. Granted, I write weird stuff when I'm not sick but being sick gives me the opportunity to do it more often.
Oh a few weeks ago I had said that I wouldn't discourage the sending of dark chocolate to my door or mailbox, lo and behold, a few days later I got an envelope in the mail from my Aunt containing a large Dove dark chocolate bar! Like the day after that I got a package from one of my best friends that contained a box of dark chocolates, a book about true Irish ghost stories, and a sweet card to congratulate me on being cancer free.
Allow me to share with you other things I've said:
" So, since vegans don't eat or drink anything that involves animals, I wonder what they use as a binder in salmon patties."
" "Update status" -Facebook"
" La la la lahhhh-ooooohhh...hey!"
" Well, you know what I like to say.......oh, you don't? Never mind. Neither do I anyway."
" Y'all, there is lovely cold white fluff falling from the heavens :)"
Those are just a few examples of how weird I can be.
If you knew me you would discover even more strange things about me, strange things that I've done, but that would take up much too much time and space.

This makes me happy.  

I hope your day is blessed.
Grace be with you.