Saturday, November 19, 2011


On Wednesday, November 9th, I finished my radiation. I must admit that it was a bittersweet ending because I loved the people there that took care of me, they were so nice and we actually had a lot of laughs together (who would've thought radiology could be so fun??). I don't think one could find a nicer little group of people to do the radiation. I received a diploma for finishing it, so that was pretty cool.
When Mommy and I left there we went to see my Aunt Nana at work so I could show her my diploma and stuff, so that was nice. We found out that Mommy's cousin, Della, took my Memaw & Grandpa and Great Aunt 'Bebo' & Great Uncle James to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner so decided to stop over there and surprise them so we could show them my diploma and stuff. Now, Della is really rather persuasive and won't take no for an answer, so we were forced (in a good way, of course) to stay and she would buy our dinner as well PLUS told us to pick out something for Daddy and Chris to take home to them. So, we stayed and we had a wonderful time together. It was so fun and so good to see Della, Bebo, and Uncle James as we don't see them near often enough. Our waitress was very sweet; Mommy asked her for a set of plastic utensils for me (I'm not using silverware because the radiation left a bit of a metallic taste in my mouth that will go away eventually and it's recommended that one uses plastic instead), so she remembered to give me a plastic spoon with my coffee and then again with my free dessert. Grandpa had told her that I had just finished radiation so she told me to pick out something for dessert and she would just say it's my Birthday so I would get it for free.
So, that was the first celebration...unplanned and unexpected, but a blessing.
On the Sabbath, November 13th, my Memaw & Grandpa took Mommy, Tommy, Chris, and me out for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. We had such a wonderful time together and it was such a blessing to be able to celebrate together. Daddy had to work but Grandpa insisted on buying him a meal that we could take home to him.
Those are the celebrations of my radiology being over.
God has blessed us beyond what we could have imagined. To think that I felt the tumor when my radiologist said that there's like less than a 1% chance of anyone being able to feel it where I did. There was only one tumor and it was removed with the surgery. God is so good. His plans are perfect.
This disease could've killed me, but God didn't have that in His plan. Through all that we have gone these past few months, may He be praised and may we be more grateful for all that He has done. This has been a hard journey, but it's over and He has so graciously carried us through this for, without Him, we could not have faced it alone (and how other people do it, I have no idea).
Sometimes it's hard to find blessings in such terrible situations, but in mine, the tumor was placed where I could feel it, I had surgery to remove it, that was the only one, through all of this, God has blessed me with the most wonderful Dr.'s, nurses, etc. that one could ask for. Now that this is over, I hope to be able to do more with my life for the One who gives me strength and keeps my heart beating, in any way possible.

Today, I saw on Facebook another reason to celebrate: Starbucks has a deal where you buy one holiday beverage and get another free from 2-5 that ends tomorrow, you can imagine I raced downstairs to tell Mommy and within minutes we were on our way to get our favorite-Peppermint Mochas! We are now immensely enjoying them on this grey, somewhat chilly day.
I am sitting at a table in my room writing this, drinking my Peppermint Mocha, listening to Christmas music, and (you ready?)....covered up in my SNUGGIE! Haha! Grandpa bought it for Memaw, but she didn't really want to use it and since it's pink she gave it to me. It is quite warm for being a goofy looking little thing.

Mommy got a call from the ladies at the yarn shop and they said my chemo cap is ready, so Lord willing, we'll be going sometime next week to pick it up.
I do have a little bit of hair growing back, so that's pretty dang awesome.

That's not the only new cap I'll have though, one of my best friends, Meghan, sent me a cap that she made for me as well as one that her Mum made for me and they're both so adorable!
Thank you, Meghan and Mrs. G!! Love you, ladies!

I hope your day is blessed.

Grace be with you.