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Celtic Thunder "Heritage" Review

Celtic Thunder's latest CD, "Heritage", is possibly my favorite album of theirs. After "It's Entertainment!", I was a little apprehensive about one after that, seems like they were going downhill. If anything, this album has made them shoot uphill! It is exactly the kind of CD I would expect from a group by the name of "Celtic Thunder", it's perfect.

Track listings & reviews:

1. "The Dutchman" sung by Keith.
This song is very nice. The lyrics are touching, with a story of true love. The music is quiet and beautiful, and Keith's voice is perfect for this song and sounds very nice. 5/5

2. "Buachaill on Eirne" (which is also on their first one and also known as "Come By The Hills") sung by Damian.
I've always liked this song, it is very nice and makes me long to go to Ireland. Though in the other version, he also sings in English, I do love the Gaelic language and just might like this version better than the other. I've complained about Damian's voice in the past, since he got older, but it sounds really nice on this song, though, at times, he kinda does a weird thing with his voice but, that would be the only complaint, and it's not bad at all. 4/5

3. "Black Is The Color" sung by Ryan.
Ryan has the perfect voice for this song. It's one of those songs that he has to get kinda raspy and it's really nice (I love a raspy voice!), the other ones could not pull it off. His voice even goes well with the music, whereas, I can't imagine the other ones sounding so well. He's got kind of a dark kind of voice, which is very nice for the songs he sings; this is a good one. 5/5

4. "My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose" sung by Paul.
I like Paul's voice, and I like this song. At times, I don't really like how he has to go high-pitched, but at the same time, I really like this song by him. He sings it smoothly and clear, it's a really lovely sound, especially at the parts when the music gets a touch stronger (I hesitate to say 'loud') and he sings along with it wonderfully. 3-1/2 /5

5. "Home From The Sea"
I really like the music in this song and the lyrics are really nice as well. When the guys sing the chorus together, it sounds SO good. I love it when they all sing together, all of their voices mixed together sound really nice and I like it a lot. If I'm to be honest in my review, I must say that I don't think Keith should sing a solo in this song, I mean, he sounds good but, in my opinion, he sings his part too soft. That doesn't take away my love for this song and I will still give it 5/5.

6. "Just A Song At Twilight" sung by Paul & Damian.
Paul sounds really nice as the first one to sing and I like how it leads up to Damian. I do find it a touch disturbing that the two of them sing a song like this together. They do sound good together, but it's still disturbing. Especially when they say, "still to us at twilight, comes love's own song, comes love's own sweet song". Yeah, disturbing. I like it anyway. 3/5

7. "The Galway Girl"
The new dude, Emmet, starts out this song and he sounds really nice. I really like this song and all the noises they make in the background, tis a  fun song and nicely sung. Love the music, too. Damian sounds nice, singing the softer part. Once again, love all their voices together. 5/5

8. "Gold & Silver Days" sung by George & Ryan.
This is a really nice song and I like it a lot. The lyrics are sweet and touching, and the soft music and Ryan's background vocals make it sound even sweeter. It's really lovely. 5/5

9. "Noreen" sung by Neil.
Yet another sweet and touching song. Sung softly and sweetly. You can almost hear the sadness in his voice as though he's singing it as something that happened to him. It is very nice. 5/5

10. "Kindred Spirits" sung by Emmet.
Another touching song about someone who has just lost their mother who has now joined his father. He sings it passionately and sounds so nice. The lyrics are touching and it's as though every lyric touches his heart. Very nice. 5/5

11. "Whiskey In The Jar" sung by Keith & Neil.
This is probably my very favorite song on the album! I just love it for some reason; if you knew the lyrics, you would find it very odd that I love this song so much, lol. I really like how the two of them sing it and I love the music. In my opinion, there is NOTHING wrong with this song and it's perfect! The two of them just sound really good together on this song. I can't get enough of this song! This is one of  Celtic Thunder's songs that I wish I could see them sing it live! Chris found a video on youtube for me the other day, of them singing it live but I wasn't able to watch it then, and now it's not even there anymore, which makes me sad :( Lol, one part that I really like in this song is when Keith sings, "and I shot him with both barrels", he kinda gets raspy when he says, "shot him" and, therefore, I like it! 10/10

12. "Red Rose Cafe"
I like this song. George sings most of this song, except near the end, when the other dudes sing background. Tis a good one. 5/5

13. "A Place In The Choir"
This is my second favorite song. It is very nicely sung by all of them and I like the solos as well. I like the lyrics, the tune, and the music, it's all very nicely put together. Very good, gentlemen. 10/10

All in all, I will give the CD 10/10, even though not all the songs have the best rating. It was a really good purchase and I highly recommend it. I purchased it last Sabbath and can't stop listening to it.
I hope you enjoyed my review, especially since I sat here listening to the whole thing and, occasionally, had to go back and re-listen to some of the songs (not that I minded, of course).
Honestly, I still can't get over how much I love this CD, it's perfect, exactly what I've been waiting for since I heard of them, let me tell you, it was well worth the wait!
Now that you know how marvelous it is, go and buy it. Tell them, 'Katie Bekah' sent you, and then you will get 5 dollars off!.....No, not really, please don't do that, you'd just be embarrassing yourself, and the employees would look at you funny-like, and ask, "Who is she?", and you would say, "Heck, I don't know, just some blogger girl. She told me to say it.", then it could go on forever and you and the employee really wouldn't have time to argue about this. Just pay the right price and support the dudes, and both you, and they, will be happy.

Grace be with you.

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