Saturday, June 4, 2011


"Increase My Faith"
Father, You are almighty, good, and holy
No matter what happens; on You I stand solely
You are loving, kind, in control of all things
Guard me, protect me, under the shadow of your wings
In this time of uncertainty, I try not to worry
Yet these thoughts fill my mind: rid me of them in a hurry
I know I can trust You, no matter what comes
Increase my faith in You; make me strong
All things I can do, through You who gives me strength
You are in control, Lord, increase my faith
I've nothing to fear
You are with me here
Please help me to, that, remember
Lord, when doubts arise, from them, me, deliver
Keep my eyes on the cross
Help me count all as loss
You are the only reason to live
Nothing counts, that this world can give
Father, keep my eyes fixed on Your beautiful face
Jesus Christ, I plead: please increase my faith

~Katie Bekah

Grace be with you.

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