Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lacking Inspiration Already

Even though I've made a list of things to write on here, the words just haven't come to me. I've made a poll asking if I should post some of my poems, please vote. If you have any other ideas about what I could post, please leave a comment and tell me. Or, if you're my friend on Facebook or a follower on Twitter, then comment to me on either of those websites.

In other news, God has blessed us with some gorgeous weather today, it's sunny, 39F right now, with a high of 50, lovely.
Also, Mommy and I are near 100%, actually, the only thing that's not right is our voices, other than that, God has healed us and kept Daddy and Chris from getting sick.
Been so happy to clean the kitchen and hopefully do some more things today. Chris and I are going to watch a Football game in awhile, it's a big one: Manchester United v. Chelsea FC. After that, hopefully I can get some things done around here, Lord willing.
Can't think of anything else to write, plus Chris will want me downstairs momentarily to watch the game, depending upon what time it starts, we're not exactly sure.

Oh, I would also like to wish my bff, Guitargirl, a very Happy Birthday!! Love you, girl! Hope you have a blessed day!

Grace be with you.


guitargirl said...

Eee! Thank you! :D

Bekah said...

Eee! You're welcome :)