Saturday, March 5, 2011

Point of Grace

Let me start off by saying, this is not a theological post, it's about a Christian music group. I do like theology but, am not too knowledgeable in that area.

Lately, I've been listening a lot to one of my favorite groups, Point of Grace. I first got into them about 16 years ago (it seems so weird to be able to say that) when my Mommy got me my favorite album by them, "The Whole Truth" on cassette. To this day, that is my favorite album and has my very favorite POG song, which has been my favorite for 16 years, "God Is With Us". I think I had to get that tape like 3 times because it stopped working, then was finally able to get it on CD!
After one of the members left in '03, I think, a new girl joined and their sound kind of started changing and going into more of a country kind of theme, which I, personally, didn't really like. Their first album without her was ok and had some good songs, but after that, they became more country and sometimes I really miss the old sound.
In about '08, I think, or something like that, another member left and that's pretty much when it was all country-ish. Granted, I've only heard one song off of their latest album and did have it on my iPod for a little while, it's ok but, Chris ended up taking it off for me because I just couldn't really get into it.
Anyway, I do admire Terry and Heather leaving to spend more time with their families but, it would be so great if, just for even one concert, they could get together with Shelley and Denise (no offense to Leigh) and sing some of their old songs, particularly off of "The Whole Truth"  (maybe even "A Christmas Story", their best Christmas album, and, actually, one of my favorite Christmas albums of all time!!!), especially "God Is With Us". Of course, it would have to be close to me so I could actually see it. I've never seen them in concert before and always thought it would be awesome to meet them.
Shelley has kind of the deeper voice (which I've always loved, and it's not manly, of course) in the group and she sings "God Is With Us" and does an absolutely beautiful job, how I'd love to see her sing it live! I honestly don't really know how to describe Terry's voice but, it is beautiful and she sang "The House That Mercy Built", which is my 2nd favorite, also off of "The Whole Truth", and how I'd love to see her sing that live as well!
This might sound odd but, I'm proud of the girls for everything they do for the younger women in our generation, God has truly blessed them and given them a gift of, not only their magnificent voices, but also their way of being able to talk to young women and help them.
I must say, even though I've never gotten a few of their newest albums with Leigh, I do not look forward to the day they call it quits, will be a sad day indeed.
They were the very first group I've ever liked, the very first I've ever wanted to meet but have never been given the opportunity. They all seem so sweet, loving, and kind (nothing like my Mommy, though;)) and I still think it would be lovely to meet them someday (the original 4 AND Leigh).
To be honest, though, I only started getting into them again a couple of years ago. I was so caught up in the newer, 'younger' (if I may) artists that they were considered adult contemporary and I was kind of embarrassed to listen to them because I don't like adult contemporary, HOWEVER, going through my CD's awhile ago, decided I'd like them on my iPod, so Chris put them on for me (he doesn't like them at all) and I was surprised at how often I listened to them and still do. I made a playlist on my iPod of some of my favorite songs of theirs and called it 'Poggly Woggly', LOL, because we've always called them that, if you knew us, you'd understand our goofiness.
I keep meaning to listen to their new tuneage, but keep forgetting, maybe one of these days I'll get around to it.
Anyway, I s'pose I've said everything I wanted to say. Not sure why I wanted to post about them, just been listening to them a lot lately and wanted to share this with you, even though I'm sure you're not interested.

Hope you all are having a blessed weekend!
Grace be with you. 

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