Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time (Repost From Previous Blog)

Today is the Sabbath and I was just thinking of the way a Sabbath should be spent. Going to Church, (granted we don't have a Church to attend and I'm sure other people don't either) spending time in God's Word, praying (though those things should be done everyday), doing all things that would keep the Sabbath day Holy.
Now, how often do I do that? Unfortunately, not often at all. Instead, this stupid computer takes up my time, or we'll be watching some kind of movie or something together. While it is nice to have a day of rest and time spent with family (meaning, just here, because we don't do things with extended family like some people do on the Sabbath, hopefully we will someday) and we do have fun together, whatever we're doing, still there is no reason why we can't give time to God. We have only one life, and such a short amount of time on this earth, we must spend this time wisely and in a way that is pleasing to God, that is giving our lives to and for God. I pray everyday that I might be a living sacrifice to Him, no matter what. How am I going to do that by wasting time with things that are so terribly unimportant? Now, spending time with family is important, but it is better to do it in a way that actually means something. Sure, we can sit down every once in a while and watch a show or a movie, but why do we keep sitting there, even when there's nothing on? It is not a sin to rest, God tells us to, it is, however, a sin to use that precious time doing nothing.
So often, I say that I need to make to time to read and continue improving my homemaking skills, but don't because my time is wasted doing things that, well, waste time and are in no way helpful to my homemaking or reading, or whatever needs to be done around here. The funny thing is, if I do the things that need to be done then I will have time to do other things, but I don't always follow through.
So what happens? I sit here for a while (most of the time wasting the time on the computer and not using it wisely at all) and think, "oh, I'll get started later", then a "little" while later, look at the clock and sometimes even a few hours have gone by and I wonder how that time went so fast and why I wasn't doing anything. So later I get angry at myself because of things I didn't do, and regret wasting that time. The next day I decide everything is going to be different, but it isn't always that way, sometimes I will do the exact same thing and I hate it.
God gave me this life and looking down at a clock to see what time it is or whatever is just a reminder that I used this time in a way that was pleasurable to me (honestly, sometimes it isn't even pleasurable, just a way to pass the time, I guess), but in no way honoring my God and King. This life is to be lived to Him and for Him, He didn't put me here for me, but for Him. I know I disappoint Him with this, so why is it so hard to stop? Satan doesn't want me to use my time for God, so I fall into this temptation and later feel so bad for doing so, but know I could never take it back, so need to start anew the next day, but fall into it again. I do not spend enough time in God's Word, or enough time with Him and that makes Satan very happy, that is such a disgusting and terrible thought, especially knowing that God is disappointed in me, how could I disappoint the One Who made me, Who gave His Son for my life that I may live and live to Him, but instead do what pleases me?
God is not angry with me when I do it, He can't be mad at me, for Christ intercedes for me and has made me righteous by His Holy shed Blood on the cross so that I would not face God's wrath. Because Jesus died for me, God cannot be angry with me.
What a Loving God we serve, that He would give me life through His Son Jesus Christ. I pray that my life may be lived to bring Him glory and that there be none left over for myself.
Using my time wisely is something I really struggle with, so would very much appreciate prayer for this.
It is so easy to just sit down for a few hours and do nothing, though I could be reading or working on crocheting or something like that and hopefully my life will change for God. It is especially easy on days that are soooo extremely hot in the Summer when you haven't the energy to do anything because you're burning up and it's worse if you're up doing stuff. But, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, now if only I constantly remember that and remember to pray for that strength
May God be glorified in all of my life!
Grace be with you.

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