Thursday, March 10, 2011


"God, Before You, Make Me Tremble"

God, before You, make me tremble
I am full of pride, make me humble
'Neath this earthly shell lies a heart stone cold
So full of arrogance and pride, it must be humbled
My pridefulness decreases my fear of You
For I come to You forgetting, I don't deserve to
You have made David's heart one after Your own
Replace this heart of mine 'neath this flesh and bone
Replace it with one that reflects Yourself
One that does not chase after earthly wealth
Evil creeps in and places desires in my heart
Give me strength to overcome them, please break us apart
I am weak, I am dead, oh without Thee
I need Your Grace, I need Your Strength, I need Your Guidance, o, quickly

~Katie Bekah

Grace be with you. 

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