Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Because I'm sick and haven't really been sleeping too well, I decided to copy and paste one of my old blog posts (at this strange hour: 2:34am) onto this blog (though I changed just a few, unnecessary, little things), especially because it's fitting for the date.

First of all,  yesterday was my Daddy's Birthday and I wanted to say that I'm so thankful for him and proud of him, he's such a blessing to us and we love him SO much! He's such a hard worker and will do anything to protect his little family, he's funny, fun, caring, loving, etc. and I hope that my future husband will be like him. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Second of all, I have some things to share:

I do not know any guys right now, and therefore, have no prospects of a future husband, but I would like to share my idea of a relationship with a guy.

Personally, I don't want to touch a guy (or him touch me) unless it's my future husband, but after we're married. I haven't always felt this way until I read about Josh & Noelle
Goforth not holding hands or touching each other until after they were married. I was so inspired by that and decided that's how I want to be.
I've always wanted a pair of pretty lacy gloves to wear, but especially now for another reason: I once shook hands with a young guy and found it weird to touch him (not that he felt funny, lol) because I'm not used to doing that, so to have those dainty little gloves would be perfect.
I also totally believe in Courtship and praying for God's guidance, waiting for His timing, etc. There is only one man for me and God knows who he is and though it is hard at times, I have to trust Him.
I'm not saying it's easy for me to just say, "Ah, God knows who he is so I won't think about anyone else", because it isn't easy!
I think, as girls, it is quite easy to look at a guy and think "Wow! Is he attractive!" (which I do, and Mommy can attest to that) but extremely difficult to rid oneself of the thought. I've had goofy little crushes on guys before and still struggle with that even though there is only one man for me and I pray for him!
My Mommy and Guitargirl can totally attest to my goofy little crushes (one in particular). 
Sometimes, I still struggle with that, too.
I want to save EVERYTHING for my future husband...and AFTER we're married.
My single years are supposed to be a time of growth and preparation for being a wife and mommy someday and I don't want to waste this time daydreaming about falling in love, there is no point in it. It will happen in God's time and my daydreaming about it isn't going to rush the process, rather, it'll make it feel that time is going so slow and that DEFINITELY doesn't help!
I know it's hard, but as daughters of the One and Only King, we must trust Him and pray.
We must pray for patience, for peace, a greater trust in Him, and pray for our future husband, whether or not we know who he is. We don't have to pray for him by name, God has known since before there was time who he is, we must rest in that.
It's not easy, but with prayer, and talking with our loved ones and asking them for prayer, telling them when we're having a hard time with it, it makes it a bit easier. It's always wonderful knowing that you have someone praying for of the best feelings in the world!
Grace be with you.

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