Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To Be A Keeper At Home

Today is one of my favorite kinds of days, though if my Mommy and I weren't sick, it would be better. However, we both only have colds and she's practically over hers, so praise God for that.
Anyway, the reason why today is one of my favorite kinds of days is because the weather is gloomy and chilly and that's the perfect combination to curl up with some kind of book and some hot coffee, which both my Mommy and I love doing, she and I have so much in common,  I'm so thankful God blessed me with her. We really are the very best of friends. She's always telling me that throughout my teenage years and even now, I'm not supposed to like being with her and stuff, to be honest: we've never fought and there's not one girl on this earth, with whom, I would rather spend more time. She is the very example of the wife/mommy I hope to be someday, if I can manage to be at least half of what she is.

I'm hoping that, when I'm well, I'll make up a list of things that need to be done around the house and projects to start and, Lord willing, will be able to do them, by His and powered by His strength.
One of my favorite things to do is take care of my little family (being my Daddy, Mommy, and 2 older brothers, 1 whenever I can as, he doesn't live with us anymore), baking, cooking, doing their laundry, and whatever else needs to be done, well, my Mommy and I do it together, of course, but if she can't, then I take over. Just love baking or cooking little treats for my family! My Daddy LOVES white chocolate (my Mommy, older brother, Chris, and I don't believe it is real chocolate) so he likes when I put those in cookies, brownies, or other sweets I can find: Mommy loves my PB cookies and oatmeal cookies: oldest brother, Tommy, loves my homemade bread (I once gave him a whole, freshly baked loaf when he came to visit and he later said that he practically devoured it that night): Chris loves my carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Really, they all love most everything I make, though some things are only loved by a few people. Perhaps I will post some favorite recipes sometime.
My dream has always been to be a homemaker like my Mommy, when I was little, my favorite toys I had were my baby dolls, I still have the main two in my hope chest, then a few porcelain and other dolls that won't fit in there, sitting around in my room. For awhile, I wanted to be a singer and had my life planned but, obviously, it didn't happen that way and as I got older, that dream started to die and my focus now is to learn the skills of keeping a home, by my Mommy, and caring for everyone in anyway I can. God gave me a love for the underdog, elderly, poor/homeless, and children, if there was ever a time when God would show me how to put that love into action, doing things for them or whatever, that would be awesome, if it is His will. The ideas of volunteering at a homeless shelter, taking care of the elderly in some way (whether it be visiting them at home or whatever), babysitting, making meals for families, etc. have always appealed to me and I wonder if, someday, God has planned for me to do any of those things. Don't want to do any of it for me, all for Him.
Perhaps, someday, I could serve by my husband's side, as we do the Lord's will together. If that should happen, there are many things that need to be learned now, even many things that must be done now. I must be ready.
Christian young ladies must be ready to serve the Lord with their future husbands, they need to be told about the importance of praying for them, even now, before they're married. I do not know any young men as, my family and I do not attend Church right now, for we have not found the right one. Then again, who knows if he and I will even meet at Church? After all, Isaac and Rebekah were brought together in a totally different way (Genesis 24).
God knows when He will bring us together, He's known since before there was time. God is not 'writing your love story', He's already written it.

Grace be with you. 

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