Monday, February 21, 2011

The Start Of A New Blog

On my former blog (, I had a difficult time keeping up with posting for some reason so thought, perhaps if I start a new one, fresh, I could start over and write more. That blog was too much of a jumble. I mean, it was me, because I like Football (Manchester United, Inter Milan, Real Madrid), music (from hard rock to opera), homemaking and all the little jewels that come with it, a bunch of different things but, I don't want my life to revolve around them, or for it to seem to other people that it does. It occurs to me, though, that just because I like such a wide variety of things, doesn't mean I have to have it all on one blog, it's just too much. Really, I want to be known as a feminine, girly-girl, who's heart is on fire for Jesus Christ, who has quirks but doesn't really want to show that to all the world, it could turn readers away and they might not return to see the things that I do like to post more than others.
For instance, on my last blog, I would write Birthday posts for famous people I like. While it may not sound stupid, when I look back and read them, that is how I view them. They might've been ok, at the time, but now, they just embarrass me. One thing that has always bugged me about my previous blog is that when I look and see the pages where people land when they visit, it's, more often than not, about Cristiano Ronaldo or Barlow Girl and that gets on my nerves, it's like my blog is known for those posts and I don't like it at all.  Not sure if I will keep it except, perhaps, to copy posts I like and put them on here.
Something else that came to mind whilst reading a book is: I would be so embarrassed if my future husband saw some of the posts on my blog.
I've considered closing my Twitter, as that is something else that is making me known as more of Manchester United fan than anything deeper....or deep at all. Problem there is, I've made a few friends on there and doubt they would want me to leave. One problem with staying is, most of the people I follow curse and curse and curse, which I find offensive, some of them are my friends though and I don't want to stop being someones friend just because of the language they use.
While there were some posts that were deep, too many of all of the posts would not have given you any idea that I'm a Christian. Sure, the title of my blog, the description, some posts, my profile, how I end all of my posts but, where was God in the part that people actually read? Several times: nowhere. It's like, just wait till you get to the end, then you'll see 'Alive because of His Blood, Katie Bekah', and you look through the post again, how would you get that out of what I wrote?
Being a Christian and having a blog doesn't mean, "Yeah, I'll just give my a blog a 'Christian title' and description, tell people who I am, then write about Jesus on occasion, it's my blog, people know I'm a Christian, why must I write about Him in every post?" That's not at all how it should be, but that's how I've felt before and it has burdened me on occasion. I'm hoping and praying that this blog will not be like my last one.
There's something different about this new year but I've no idea what it could be or even if it's real.
I figure, I'm 21 now, it's time for a change. Hopefully, this blog will be a place to encourage young women, younger girls. And, should there be a time when the Lord brings my family and me to a Church, if there are young girls there, I hope and pray to be a good example to them and, maybe, part of that will be through the words spoken here.

Grace be with you.


Jenny said...

I was wondering why your other blog had gone to invitation only - it was a shame as there were some interesting posts on there.

This one looks to be just as good though! I love reading about all the home making topics as that is what I am trying to teach myself.

Anonymous said...

Katie, who cares about what other people think or might think? You are you. Its your blog, Twitter account, etc. Don't change what you say for other people. "the people who matter don't mind and the people who mind don't matter." I LOVE you because you are YOU, not because of a blog post!!
love, your fav cousin :-)