Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Duggar Famiy

Mommy and I just love watching the Duggar family's show. We've been watching them probably from the beginning, before they even had a regular show. They're so inspiring and such a sweet family, rooted deep in their faith in God and love for Jesus...an inspiration to all.
I'm reading their book "A Love That Multiplies" and am thoroughly enjoying it. All of the stories they share of their hardships and all that they've gone through and yet still trusting in the Lord that He will bring them through everything, and clearly, He has. With all of the criticisms they face everyday, it's amazing to see how they respond to it. Jesus told us that in this world we would face tribulation and that we would be persecuted for our faith in Him (Matthew 5:10-11), but to "take heart" because He has "overcome the world" (John 16:33). They hold fast to that, as should all who God has called to be His children.
It has always been my dream to have a ton of children after I'm married. Watching them really has made me want it even more (not for the fame or anything like that, but because of the love they have for each other, the joy of having so many little ones running around and all of the friendships you have just in your family, no one is ever bored or lonely...it sounds fantastic), but I realize God might have something else planned for me. Just because it's MY dream doesn't mean it's HIS plan, indeed, that's often not the case at all (though I'm not complaining).
Mrs. Duggar gets so much criticism for having all of those children and not doing something to keep it from happening, but I think she's amazing for having all of them. Though everyone is allowed their own opinion, there is no good reason to criticize her or her family. They're a wonderful example of a Christian family and everyone (Christian or not) can learn from them. It's a sad, twisted world where people are criticized because of the size of their family, there's no reason for it. Why people have to make it their business about the size of someone else's family is beyond me, just because they don't want a big family themselves, that doesn't give them the right to criticize those who do.
I love that the Duggars don't have cable and don't watch television, that they always find something to do, and I hope to have that with my own family someday.
I love that they homeschool (my brothers and I were homeschooled as well) and hope my children will be homeschooled as well.
I'm not saying they are perfect, no one is, they're just a lovely example of a loving, Christian family.
My family and I are conservative as well, just in a bit of a different way. Mommy and I do believe in modesty and we do wear dresses/skirts because we feel more feminine and it's just our preference. We have a lot in common with the Duggar girls, I think, and we kind of aspire to be like them.
Mommy & I admire the Duggar family and are always inspired by Mrs. Duggar and her older daughters. We think the little children are just as cute as can be and they never fail to make us laugh.
There have been those certain episodes where I just couldn't help but cry with them and those when I was so excited for them. Actually, just last night I made a playlist on YouTube of older episodes that I love watching over and over again, particularly the ones about Josh & Anna's engagement, wedding, honeymoon, etc.
Obviously the show can't go on forever, but it'll be sad once it's stopped.

I suppose that's about all. I've just been wanting to write about them for a long time and since I've been reading their book and am otherwise engaged recuperating from my surgery and have a lot of time on my hands, I thought I'd write it now.

Grace be with you.

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