Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. A day to celebrate our mothers and shower them with gifts/flowers/whatever. We don't really do anything for Mother's Day, and I'll tell you why:
Mommy doesn't really want us to, for one thing, but also, she knows we love her and she doesn't want any material item to prove that. Mother's Day is a day to celebrate them, but why give them just one day throughout the whole year? Mothers are the most important people in our lives and celebrating them and showing them we love them should fall on more than just one day. Little (or even big) surprises all throughout the year are so much better, in my opinion, because they wouldn't expect it and that's a better surprise. We should show them we cherish them and how much they mean to us, show them we love them, on more than just one day. Mother's Day is a lovely idea, to be sure, but little things for them throughout the year are even better. You don't need a holiday or special occasion to do something special for someone you love. I'm not against the idea of celebrating it, by all means, this is just my own personal opinion about the holiday. (I feel the same way about Father's Day, by the way...and Grandparent's Day, for that matter). My mommy is the most important person in the world to me and every moment spent with her is a cherished memory, no matter what we're doing at the time. Spending time with her is something for which I will always be grateful. I am so thankful the Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful mother. She's the best example for me. She's my role model and I hope to be like her someday. She's a wonderful example of a Christian woman/wife/mother and there's no one on earth I would rather be like than her. Her faith is strong, she has a passionate love for Jesus and for her family. Jesus is everything to her and that really shows. With every hardship we face (and there have been many), everything that happens in our lives, she knows our Father is in control and will always take care of us....for He has. She always supports us and builds us up and we do the same for her, she more than deserves it. I love her-we love her-very, very much. Life would not be the same without her. I could never have asked for a better mother/girlfriend/best friend. This will probably sound unusual to others but, Mommy and I have never once, never once fought. So many girls fight over everything with their mothers and we honestly feel sorry for them because she and I have just always been so close and open with each other and it's sad that it's not like that with every mother/daughter relationship, there's never been a reason for us to fight anyway. It's unusual, and we love it (we both love being different from the world anyway). We truly are best friends and it will always stay like that and even after I am married, she will be my best girlfriend, for my hubby will be my new best friend, she looks forward to that day as much as I do. I'm so thankful for her, she's the best.

I'd also like to add another woman to this post that is like a second mother to me, and that is, my grandmother (my mommy's mom). To be perfectly honest, everything I've said about my own mommy applies to my grandmother as well. No one has been more blessed with a grandmother. Something we've always said about her (and this is the same about my mommy) is that every time we go through a hardship, just thinking about her and going to see her brings tears to our eyes because of the love she has for us and the love we have for her. There have been times that we've cried together and she manages to stay so strong because her faith in our Saviour is so strong. There are times during those hard things, that, when we're with her, we don't even have to say anything to each other because being with her is more than enough. I don't know how to explain this love we have for each other because it is unlike any that exists between a grandmother and her grandchildren. She knows all about us, just like a mother would be with her own children, it's incredible. A mother is very protective of her children and would lay down her life for them, my memaw is the same way with her own children and with her grandchildren, I don't know how strong that protective mother instinct is found in grandmothers for their grandchildren. She and my mommy are the wisest women I know and I can go to them for everything and know that if something is meant to be kept just between us, it will forever be kept just between us. Spending time with her is a joy and a treasure, memories I will cherish forever. She and I are so alike in so many ways, it's almost unnatural...and I wouldn't have it any other way.
These women mean the world to me. They are nurturing, caring, loving, strong, and so many other good things. They are extraordinary women of faith and I'm so thankful for them.

God has truly blessed us.

Grace be with you.

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