Monday, July 11, 2011


Tomorrow morning at 6:00, we will leave to get to the hospital by 6:30, and at 7:45, I will be taken back for my surgery. Apparently, this is usually an outpatient surgery, but my Dr. wants me to stay overnight, in which case, Mommy is going to stay with me.
Because I'm strange, I'm looking at it this way: the surgery is going to leave a scar, but I'm ok with that, because scars are cool. I don't encourage people to go and injure themselves for a scar, but if one has to have a surgery that will leave a scar in a place where people will be able to see it, don't fret, just keep in mind the scars are awesome and they'll make you look even cooler than before. (Not that I think I look cool already, I'm just sayin' YOU will look cooler!).
Honestly, the thought of the surgery doesn't really scare me, however, probably if I just sit around and think about it, I could cry, but there would really be no reason because I know I'll be fine, I know Jesus will be there with me, I know people are praying for me and love me, that's what matters to me. As I've said in the past, knowing that people are praying for me is one of the greatest comforts in the world.
I just feel sorry for my fam because, as Chris said, they're the ones that have to wait for at least 3 hours thinking about me and stuff, whilst I'll just be asleep and the next thing I know, it'll be over...and I'll have an awesome scar.
Another reason I'm not really worried about it is because I really like and trust my Dr., so, it'll be fine.
 It does seem kind of surreal though, that I'm going to have surgery tomorrow morning, but that's life and this is God's plan for me. We'll see what He does with it.

Have a blessed day!
Grace be with you.


guitargirl said...

Happy scar-getting day!

Bekah said...

Aww, thanks! Haha!