Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Mommy, Daddy, and I went to my Oncologist today. He told us that the kind of lymphoma I have (can't remember the name of it, it's 3 long words) generally has only one tumor. Even if this was the only one, I will still have to go through radiation and chemo, but only about 6 rounds.
On Monday, we will go and get a ct scan and then a pet scan after that to see if there are anymore tumors. Of course, we're praying that was the only one; God's will be done.
My Oncologist wanted me to have blood work done so, one of the nurses had me sit in a chair and this really pretty, elderly, lady walked around the corner and she was wearing a really pretty outfit and I thought about telling her, but wasn't really sure. The nurse that was taking care of her had her sit in a chair next to me, so I said to her, "What a lovely outfit!" and she thanked me and told me it was very old and very inexpensive, so we talked whilst I was having my blood work done. When I got up to leave, I said to her, "Have a good day!" She said the same to me, and called me, "sweetheart" and said, "God bless you", so I said the same to her. Anyway, she was just a really sweet lady and I'm very grateful that God gave me that moment.
After we left there, we went to Starbucks, got some food from McDonald's, came home, and Mommy and I stayed for about half an hour or so, to eat, then had to leave again.
We went to my ENT Dr. so he could remove my stitches. He is SO nice! When he first told my Mommy over the phone that I had lymphoma, he started crying, too, and he said that he had already been on the phone talking to different Dr.s about me and he said that we're going to fight this and make me well. And, today, we kinda talked about it and he told us I would be in his prayers. He is just so sweet.
After leaving there, we went to Starbucks, took some of our supper from last night over to Tommy (we've been trying to save some of our meals for him lately, so he doesn't have to eat out so much), we then went to the grocery store (Mommy went in), and came home....and have STAYED home!

We heard thunder a couple or so hours ago and were hoping for a storm, but nothing came of it. This heat is a killer! I am so looking forward to Autumn!

Everyday is a gift from God!

Grace be with you.


Monica said...

Thanks for the update sis! Love you

Bekah said...

You're welcome, sis! Love you too!