Monday, March 5, 2012

NEEDTOBREATHE Makes Everything Better

Two days ago Mommy and I awoke with colds. Daddy had been sick with one and just when he was on the end of his, then we each manage to wake on the same day with colds. Poor Chris has to do everything around here, which I hate, but he never complains and he takes very good care of "his girls."
So I thought since I have nothing better to do at the moment I would write a blog post about something or other.
Since I've been sick I've mostly stayed in bed the whole time either on my lap-top trying to figure out what to do or watching stuff on Netflix or watching "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" on HULU and if I'm not doing that I'm just laying here listening to my favorite band, NEEDTOBREATHE, on my iPod touch. The past two nights I'd leave it on my bed and have it playing all night. If you have not heard of them or just haven't heard them, you must, because they are awesome beyond awesome. Like, seriously, all four of the dudes are just so dang cool. Indeed, right now, they're still playing whilst I'm writing this and drinking some honey vanilla chamomile tea that Chris made for me. Plus, I just got 3 of their ringtones on my phone. I was just thinking about giving you a list of my favorite songs by them, but after making a playlist on my iPod, it turns out I apparently have 42 (I have 53 on my pod) favorite songs by them, so that might take awhile. We'll just suffice it to say that they're awesome and you need to purchase all of their CD's (4).
I actually told my cashier at the grocery store the other night about them and another favorite band that Chris and I like called Young The Giant.
I would share some of my favorite NEEDTOBREATHE videos but alas, embedding them has been disabled. And for some reason embedding Young The Giant videos didn't work.


Bo Rinehart, Joe Stillwell, Bear Rinehart, Seth Bolt

Young The Giant

Sameer Gadhia (the lead singer) is standing in the front and he's the only one I know, so it's him and the other dudes. I know their names, just not who's who.

Now I believe I will end this post and blow my nose and then watch something. You, however, need to go to and find some NEEDTOBREATHE and Young The Giant videos and listen to them and then purchase both bands' CD's, because they're awesome and because I'm sick and I told you to do it.

Grace be with you.

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