Saturday, February 18, 2012


For awhile now I've been meaning to write a blog post and even knew what to write, but waited so long that now I have 2 things to share so thought I would put them in the same post even if they are quite different.

On January 22nd, Chris and I spent the day with Tommy. He picked us up and we went on a nice long drive where he showed us a route that he takes in his job as a truck driver. We stopped and got lunch at Dairy Queen (yeah, we're a wild crew) and ate it in the car in a lonely parking lot and that was nice. When we were on our way to his place we stopped at the store and Tommy went in and got a couple frozen pizzas and chips.
At his place, we all just kinda relaxed and Chris and I watched him play Skyrim (Xbox360 game) for a little while while the two of them talked about it and I listened, enjoying having my brothers all to myself.
We then started watching the extended version of "The Fellowship of The Ring" on his Blu-ray and halfway through it Tommy threw the pizza in the oven.
Now, whilst watching it, Chris and I learned that Gandalf is Tommy's Grandfather, though we are not sure how he is not OURS, but Tommy knows what he's talking about and we find it best not to ask questions. Of course whilst watching it, Tommy and I had our own commentary throughout the movie which Chris found rather enjoyable. That was probably Chris' and my favorite time with Tommy. It was so much fun and rather funny while watching the movie, we laughed and talked about the movie more than we actually just watched it. I love my brothers so much and love spending time with them, they truly are 2 of my very best friends.
It's funny, when I was younger I used to wish I had sisters too, but now that I'm older, I can't imagine having sisters as well because I love my brothers so much and we are so close that it doesn't bother me not having any other siblings. They're such a blessing to me and mean the world to me. They're always taking care of me and protecting me and we just love spending time together, even if they're playing a game or something and I'm just listening to them talk, I love it. I am so thankful God gave them to me.

Now onto my other news:
I am cancer free!!! On February 8th, I had a CT scan and a PET scan. Mommy and I were there for several hours. The good part about it is after the PET scan, they give you a little box of chocolates, which is always welcome to me, I'd never complain about getting chocolates, indeed, I encourage it.
On February 13th, we would get the results. We wanted all of my family to be there, so because one of our cars isn't working right now and Daddy had his when he went to work, Tommy came and picked us up. Of course, we had an enjoyable time on our way there and while we were there. A few minutes after Mommy signed me in and we were sitting in the waiting room Daddy called and said he was on his way. He met us there and all 5 of us went back to the little (quite little) room together. The 4 of them had to squeeze in together on their chairs and then my Radiologist walked in so now it was really crowded. He told us the scans looked great, and we all were so happy! We also had a lot of laughs in there because he's funny too.
So, we are all just rejoicing and praising the Lord for the healing He has done in me! He is so good!

I still have my little Christmas tree up in my room, it's white with pink ornaments and pink lights that make it look pink. Still trying to figure out if I should take it down now (I was leaving it up for Valentine's Day as well, since it's pink) or do what my Memaw thinks I should do and leave it up all year.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, Chris got a Dwight Schrute (from "The Office") bobblehead and I got Hayley Westenra's new CD "Paradiso" and Celtic Thunder's CD "Storm." I love Hayley's and just finished listening to Celtic Thunder's and like 9 of the 15 songs. I'll write reviews for those CD's sometime or other.

Hope you all are well.

Grace be with you.

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