Thursday, August 22, 2013

Long Overdue

Back in early June, my best friend and her husband drove here from PA to visit the Creation Museum and to see me. I've been meaning to post pictures, but obviously never got around to it....until now.

Brittany and me standing with Moses!!

The cute couple: Jim & Brittany.

Brittany and me again. Our white tops weren't planned, ha.


We had an awesome time. The day they came down here, Mommy & I took them out for dinner, which was a blast. Then the next day, the three of us went to the Creation Museum and caused some trouble (not really) and they took me out for lunch and brought me home and stayed for a few minutes. Then they left the next day. It was an awesome time. She and I have been friends for years but never met face-to-face until then, it was great and she rocks...and she's preggers and will be a great mother. I love them.
It's such a blessing that I was able to meet two of my best friends within 9 months when we had never met in person before. Such a blessing and I thank God for them and for the time that He blessed us with.

Grace be with you.


Britt said...

You know, we're awesome.

Bekah said...

Pretty much.