Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Best Surprise

On the 4th of September, I was blessed and surprised to have finally met a best friend face-to-face after 7 years of communication but no meeting.
Monica was telling me about the vacation she and her husband of two years, Adam, were taking and I was just so excited for them. Little did I know, the whole point of their vacation was to come down to Kentucky for a few days to see me.

On the 4th, I was scheduled to have a dexa scan and then Mommy and I planned to have a girls' day out together. After the scan, we went to Starbucks and then I had to run in Sam's to get a bag of Millstone coffee (which they have at a great price there for a bag so big). What I didn't know was while I was in both places, Mommy had been making phone calls to make sure everything was on schedule.
After my suggestion to go to Cracker Barrel because Mommy and I always liked going there together, we headed on our way. It turns out, they had planned to meet there anyway, so it was funny that that's what I chose.
Mommy and I went inside and were kind of looking around in the little store (I say "kind of" because she wasn't really looking around at the store, she was looking directly at me and rather than walking away from me, she kept backing up, making sure that I was looking at her). Finally, when we reached the back of the store, she put her finger on my cheek as if there was something there and she was getting it off me. Then she said to me, "Get ready," and I was wondering why she said that when I felt a tap on my back and someone said, "Excuse me." I turned around and there was my sweet Monica and her sweet husband, Adam. She and I grabbed each other and hugged, laughed, and cried for, I don't know, no less than 30 seconds I would imagine. Finally we pulled apart and Monica said, "Hi."
We went outside for a little while to sit and talk and then we got a table and sometime later, Daddy and Chris arrived to join us. They had been planning this for months and my whole family knew about it, but were able to keep it a secret for so long, without dropping any clues.
When Daddy and Chris arrived, we ordered our food and had a really nice time together, though, I didn't really say much because I was so, so, so surprised and excited, I felt like I was in a dream. To think that I finally had my "sis" and best friend sitting next to me, talking to me, was totally awesome.
When we left, we went over to Monica and Adam's hotel (where my awesome Mommy & Daddy paid for their room) and made plans to get together the next day.
The next day came and Mommy and I got to their hotel at about 1:00. Daddy and Chris had to stay home because our sink needed to be fixed before Adam and Monica came over for dinner that night.
So, Mommy and I picked up Monica and then we started our awesome, fun day. Unfortunately, when we were in a little gift store, Monica got a phone call from a friend saying that a friend of Adam's had passed away. I hugged her and cried with her, then Mommy gave me the keys to the car and Monica and I went out there together. But, we were still able to enjoy our time, even after the bad news.

We left there and went to Hobby Lobby and looked around for awhile and Mommy got some pushpins and I bought Monica her favorite candy (Gummy Bears) for her Birthday which is on the 17th.
After Hobby Lobby we went to Starbucks (which is quite conveniently located right in front of Hobby Lobby) and got Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I got Monica a cake pop because she saw some on the cover of a magazine at Hobby Lobby and said she had never had one before so I told her she had to get one. We enjoyed our time in there for awhile and then Mommy took Monica and me back to their hotel so the 2 of us girls could spend some time together for awhile.
Adam had been doing his own thing for the day and then when he came back to the hotel, the 3 of us talked for awhile and then he wanted to watch a football game (I think) and so Monica and I decided to go out to the lobby and talk out there, then decided it was too hot, so we went out and sat on a little bench. We were so pleased that it was so cool outside because it had been so hot earlier. It was storming, but we were sitting right outside the door and had protection, we did get just a little bit wet, but we were fine with that. We sat there for at least an hour and a half, I think, just talking. I finally got a phone call from Chris saying they were done and we could come on over.
We went back to the hotel room, got Adam, and I directed him to our place as he drove.
Dinner was pulled pork sandwiches, cornflake hash brown casserole, and cole slaw. The 6 of us had a wonderful time together and I was finally able to steal Monica away to my room where we talked, laughed, looked through decorating magazines, and decided we should be interior decorators because we didn't like a lot of the things we saw in the magazines, so then we'd be able to look through magazines and see things we like if we were the decorators.
We all had a wonderful time and they stayed for, I would say, about 5 hours, leaving at about 11:45.
The next day was the hard day. Daddy was at work so Mommy, Chris, and I met up with Adam and Monica at their hotel and I joined the two of them in their car while Mommy led the way to Memaw and Grandpa's so they could meet them. We had another wonderful time there, talking and laughing.
Then came the time for departure. After taking some pictures, Monica and I stood hugging for probably over a minute, crying.
They said goodbye to everyone else and I walked Monica to their car where we hugged for several seconds again, still crying. Then we waved goodbye as they backed out of the driveway and headed back.

We had such a wonderful time and it is even now still surreal to me that they were actually here, that we finally got to meet.
The sweet thing is, it was Adam who suggested that they come down here. He took his vacation to take his wife to see me.

Now I'll share some pictures from the visit:

Outside Cracker Barrel.

At the table.

Adam & Monica

Coming out of Hobby Lobby.

Hanging out at Starbucks.

On the bench outside their hotel.

Hanging out in my room.

At Memaw & Grandpa's house.

Saying "Goodbye." <3

I am so thankful to God that He blessed us with that time together and I look forward to when we'll be able to get together again. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long, Lord willing.

Grace be with you.

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