Monday, April 2, 2012

My Friend's SoundCloud

I have a friend in the UK that is a musician and he just started up a SoundCloud profile and I wanted to share it with everyone:

Here are a few other links of his:

Anyway, it's really great music and I hope y'all check it out....'cause it's swell and 'cause he's my friend and 'cause I told you to.

There is only one problem with him: he's a Liverpool FC supporter. I, being a Manchester United supporter, find this disgusting, but I'm able to look past it because he's my friend AND because Manchester United have 19 league titles to Liverpool's 18...oh, whoops, did I just brag?

Ha, seriously, he's a swell dude. Check out his tuneage. I now also have a link to his SoundCloud on my sidebar; just look for the Liverpool Vs Manchester United picture on the left, it's really not that hard to find, trust me.

Whoops! How'd that get there??
Grace be with you.

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