Monday, May 23, 2011


A few weeks ago, Chris and I were taking a walk and I stepped on an uneven place in the road and my foot bent in a way it shouldn't and, so, I sprained my ankle. Ever since then, I haven't been able to do anything but lay down with my ankle up (I can't tell you how much it hurt!). We didn't go to the ER or Dr. so I had to hop around on my left leg, which also killed. Anyway, what I've done is go from my bed to Mommy and Daddy's bed, always having my lap-top. Chris would bring down my lap-top, a stuffed bear that I named 'Nani' (after my favorite footballer who plays for Manchester United), and my cell phone.
I shan't say what I've done everyday this whole time because it's embarrassing when I could've spent my time more wisely. One of the fun parts is always getting to tweet some of my buddies or chat on Facebook with one. Plus, Mommy and Chris went out one day and got me an iPod touch so I have been playing "Words With Friends" with one of my buddies :) It's great fun! In my opinion, he's better than I, but no matter, it's still fun and we both enjoy it, so that's good. Yesterday was his Birthday, not that that has anything to do with what I'm writing, but it's important, so I shall mention it.
Another of my buddies is coming over to the States to work for 3 months, he has a blog about his "American Adventure", you should check it out.
Also, check out another buddy's new blog. Both of them are massive Man United fans and they're pretty dang cool (as is my "Words With Friends" buddy).
Anyway, moving on:
I am able to limp around now, so I am thankful to God for that. I sat at the dining room table today and made some tuna salad for Mommy and me, plus put together some laundry detergent, can't wait to see how that works! Also made some Espresso for Mommy and me, which is quite tasty.
Yesterday, Chris and I watched United lift the Premier League trophy, it was their 19th, which is a new record, beating Liverpool, who have won it 18 times (so, eat it!), would've been awesome to be there. Hopefully someday we can go over to England and see them play at home.
I'm in the midst of writing a new story, but haven't picked it up for awhile. It's set in Ireland because I love Ireland.
While not being able to do anything for so long but time-wasting stuff, I have thought about how there are things that I would love to be doing, but can't really do right now, so hopefully when I am able to be up and doing stuff, I can get going on some projects and stuff, including a Christmas gift that I really, REALLY want to make for a friend of mine, that will probably take awhile but I am looking forward to it. I ask myself, "Why?", why didn't I start them before, when I thought about it? I thought about doing them so often, but never got around to starting them for some reason. There's a list in my mind of things/projects I would like to do/start and, Lord willing, when I'm able to move around, I can, by His strength, achieve them. It really is sad, when I think about things I could've done before but never did, this time of not being able to do anything has really been an eye-opener, I think. It's time for me to change. Time for me to start being the homemaker that I desire to be someday, to a man, for whom, in my eyes, I will not be worthy.
It's really sweet, the way my family have been taking care of me, letting me lean on them as I have to hop around, Chris even carried me on his back a few times so I wouldn't have to hop, lol. I am so thankful for my family, no daughter/sister has a more protective family than I. I'm sure plenty of people find that ridiculous and disgusting and think that I could never be on my own or anything, but that's so not true, if the time comes that I will have to be on my own, all of my family have instilled in me the knowledge and skills I would need, plus, as my Mommy says, there are still some things that you never really know how to do until you do it.
No matter what, I know God is always with me and guiding me and there's no greater comfort than knowing the God of the universe is in control of your life and is with you always.

Grace be with you.

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