Sunday, April 17, 2011


"Saved, Redeemed, Ransomed"

Jesus, my King, on You my gaze is rarely focused
So concerned with self, I hardly take time to notice
The cross where You hung, the tomb where You were laid
My life, it was saved, redeemed, ransomed, because of the price You paid
Without You, I would be dead
Were it not for the Blood, that, on the cross, You shed
How can I forget that or not give it any thought?
For it was on that cross that, my soul, You bought
Show me, teach me, to stay fixed on You everyday
To not let anything or self get in the way
Too often my days are all about me
With rarely a thought or praise for You Who are Holy
Righteous, Sinless, Almighty You are
Yet still for me, You went so far
I was dead in my sin, You gave me life through Your death
It should've been me, yet You paid my debt
You loved me so much though why I do not know
Saviour, may my life, Your Love, always show
To the cross, I nailed Your hands and Your feet
I hurt You so much Your blood covered You like a sheet
I placed a crown of thorns upon Your lovely head
I did not love You for, "Crucify Him!", is what I said
Upon that cross, aloud, You cried
And there I watched You as You died
Three days later, You rose again
You saved me after all I did
You showed me mercy, love, kindness
Though I am unworthy, You made me righteous
I need no longer fear death or the wrath of God
For I have been washed in Your Holy, Precious Blood

~Katie Bekah
Grace be with you.

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